cocktails roundup

Celebrate Summer with these 12 Cocktails

Summer is being welcomed with lots of enthusiasm, excitement…and gatherings! Skip the sweetened mixers and go for the fresh fruit and liqueurs instead. These sip worthy cocktails are sure to please with their vibrant hues and refreshing tastes. Need appetizers? Check out 9 Quick and Easy Happy Hour Appetizers.

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1. Best Cadillac Margarita

Best Cadillac Margarita
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2. Dark ‘n Stormy

Dark n' Stormy
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3. Sangria

Sangria with white wine and summer fruits
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4. The Amelia Cocktail

The Amelia Cocktail
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5. Coconut Cream Lime Margarita

Coconut Cream Lime Margarita
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6. Best Ever Piña Colada

Pina Colada Cocktail
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7. Sunset Martini

The Sunset Martini
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8. Caipirnha

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9. Coconut Martini

coconut martini
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10. Classic Mint Mojito

single mint mojito
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11. Moscow Mule

moscow mule
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12. The Aviation Cocktail

The Aviation Cocktail
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