7 Easy Snacks for the Road

Skip the gas station grab bags and make these snacks instead for your next travel trip.

Trending Holiday Cookie Recipes

Soft, chewy, and for many, a holiday 'must make' favorite. Molasses is a thick and bold sweetener that is made from sugar or beet cane that is boiled down to a syrup. It works well in baking matched with equally bold but balanced spices so that it is enjoyed with every bite. These cookies stay soft and can be enjoyed for a week at room temperature in a sealed container.
Looking for some holiday cheer? Look no further than this sweet bite of decadence drizzled with chocolately, boozey goodness. There is no leaven and very little flour so don't expect much rise. This is more of a brownie which makes using a mini muffin tray work so well. Rum is a pivotal ingredient in this sweet treat so skip the cheap stuff and go high-grade.
One of the best things about this holiday cookie recipe is that it is like having 3 recipes in 1! The cream cheese cookie dough and gingerbread cookie dough can be rolled into a log shape, chilled, then sliced and baked to enjoy separately. The combination of both these doughs makes such a great cookie, it may be too hard to resist making pinwheels.