Homemade dog bones in an open jar

8 Limited Ingredient Dog Snacks

With so many allergies and sensitivities facing our dogs today, it can be challenging to find snacks with simple, limited ingredients. Making your dog tasty treats is not only easy but can be a healthier and fresher alternative to store bought and meet your dog’s nutritional needs. Check out some 4-legged fan favorites that keep them beggin’ for more.

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1. Three Ingredient Dog Biscuits

Dog staring at easy 3 Ingredient dog cookie
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2. Tuna Dog Training Tidbits

Tuna Dog Training Tidbits
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3. Minty Buckwheat Dog Cookies

Buckwheat Minty Dog Cookies
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4. Peanut Butter Banana Dog Bites

Peanut Butter Banana Dog Bites
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5. Apple Carrot Dog Cookies

stack of apple carrot dog cookies
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6. Frosty Paws

Maribelle licking Frosty Paws
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7. Pumpkin Soft Dog Treats

Pumpkin soft dog treats
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8. Best Sweet Potato Dog Cookies

Best sweet potato dog cookies
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