7 Easy Snacks for the Road

Skip the gas station grab bags and make these snacks instead for your next travel trip.

Trending Meatless Recipes

A good vegetarian chili is all about building flavor. The addition of butternut squash, cinnamon and sweet corn complement and balance the spicy flavors familiar in most chilis. For total comfort add chili to crispy baked tater tots and top with grated cheddar cheese.
Filling and flavorful sums up this meatless meal. The umami from the porcini mushroom packs a great earthy punch while the mushroom and lentils offer a nice 'meaty' texture. The cashew sauce provides a creamy 'dairy like' finish making it is easy to forget this is vegan!
A meatless burger often includes 'good for you' ingredients such as vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Adding spices is an important component to include bold flavors that make a great vegetarian pattie, well great. Recipe inspired by Guy Fieri and served with smash potatoes.